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Skull Panda

Release-year : 2010
Platform : c64
gfx-mode : MultiColor
featured in We Are New demo by Fairlight.

Pantaloon and I knew that for the next demo we wanted to feature a large scrolling picture. When we were working on the We Are New demo, we would sometimes go to the office of a member of Panda Design to watch c64 demos and drink beer. So this picture is a special greeting to the guys in Panda Design, for letting us hang out in their office. The picture was inspired by an old unreleased and unfinished picture made by the artist Serpent. I hope he won’t mind me showing it to you.

I have always loved pixeled images with leaves and really wanted to try to do one of my own, also I wanted to try to use not so typical c64 colors for this piece. I wanted the image to start scrolling from the bottom and tell some type of story or to not be apparent what the image was about until the image scrolled to the top. I think it worked pretty well.